Real quick

Just a quickie from me and my ever-aching head today…

Day 2 of the temperature blanket – done

The third big project for the year is to knit my way through Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac. This is the interesting part of the swatch cap for the Aran Sweater for January. It’s currently taking a bath and then it will wait patiently until I know if the cap will be finished or if I need the yarn for the sweater. The yarn, by the way, is Cascade 220.

The WIP of the day for Finish or Frog is my Adventures in Yarnia double knit scarf. I definitely still want it, and I even knew where I had it. So I’ll find out where I am in the pattern and work on it for as long as my headache will allow tonight.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day…

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