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In November 2016, 7 months after the death of our beloved Lena, we adopted a cat from Spain called Pepsi. She was 5.5 months old at the time. She turned out to be just what my husband and I needed, a cute, cheeky, black cat that loves to sit on our shoulders while we walk through the house – there must be a parrot somewhere in her heritage!

We still miss Lena every day, but life is so much better now that we have Pepsi.
Five months later, her sister Orangina moved in with us as well.

For this shawl, I’ve designed the stitch patterns for the body myself, following Naomi Parkhursts tutorials on how to embed a secret code in your patterns. Want to check it out yourself? Take a look here.

The words I’ve encoded are Pepsi and the German words for cheeky, cute and black – the perfect tribute to our little baby, and maybe to your pet as well!


Today, the resulting shawl went live and I really hope you like it!

To help you make this shawl, I’ve also created two new youtube videos!

Emily Ocker’s Cast On (English):

Emily Ocker’s Cast On (German):

Knitting on a border (English):

Anstricken einer Bordüre (Deutsch):


My husband’s birthday is in a week and he asked for a silk scarf in a herringbone stitch. I think he has chosen a love, elegant stitch and the Lana Grossa yarn is just awesome! If you’d like to test the scarf, you can do so in my Ravelry group 🙂

English test

German / deutscher Test


Don’t feel like making a scarf? If you’re German speaking, you can also sign up for the test for Gemma’s Cowl in a few days!


Drop me a message or keep an eye on my Ravelry group if you want to test!

Or you can wait for a few more days when I will introduce you to my new shawl, Fibonacci’s Great Grandmother – I’ll be looking for testers for that one soon!

See you next time! 🙂

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