I need socks, hubby needs socks, grandma needs socks, everyone needs socks

The Gift-a-long 2017 has started two days ago, for the fifth time already! I’m proud to be participating as a designer for the fourth time, but of course I’m also knitting like there’s no tomorrow!

As every year, there is so much awesome talent in the GAL! So I have planned to make a series of blog posts and show you some of my favorite patterns. My grandma told my mother, who told my hubby, who told me, that grandma needs socks, so I’ve signed up for several pairs of socks in the Feet KAL and this will be the first topic!

There are two bundles available on Ravelry that you can search to your heart’s content. There’s the Sale Bundle here, each of these 5387 patterns is available for 25 % off with the coupon code giftalong2017 until November 28. And if that’s not enough, there’s the full bundle with more than 18000 patterns by all 311 participating designers.

For this blog post, I’ve only used the sale bundle, because the giant bundle has only just been made available a few minutes ago. But anyway, here are my favorites:

These are both by Artesanitarium Designs, the Antarctica Socks in white and below Gladiatrix Socks. I’m in love with the intricate cables and the supercute laces.

Mary E Rose designed Ain’t She Sweet, Knot Tuned The Ballet and Knot Tuned – Symphony.

The Ballet Socks and the ankle socks will both hop onto my needles tomorrow.

Sonja Launspach Kunstwerk Designs is aptly named – Kunstwerk means work of art and that is exactly what here designs are! Check out her Wildflower Meadow Socks and Cats in the Garden Socks – beyond awesome!

Looking at the socks I favorited for this blog post, I noticed a theme – I’m obviously drawn to cabled socks and to colorwork!

So here are some more 🙂

Puzzle Socks by Aud Bergo – a new to me designer. One of the reasons I love the GAL is that I always come across new designers I can’t believe I haven’t found before!

It’s Stripes Jim by Helen Gipson hopped on and off my needles during last year’s GAl and I still love to wear them all the time – not only the socks are awesome, I also love the Star Trek reference. What can I say, I’m a trekkie. 🙂

Stroll by Maggie Menzel caught my eye because I just love this colorway from Gauge Dye Works and have used it for two of my designs as well – and there is more hiding in my stash 🙂

If making a whole pair of socks is a little bit too much for you so close to Christmas, what about these Flower Power Boottoppers by Simone Kereit?

I could have included a ton of Renee Kies Designs’ patterns in this list, but I chose Pride with it’s genius cables <3

If you ever need to Tiptoe Through the Daisies – make sure you wear these supercute socks by Arella Seaton! The heel is so creative, don’t you think?

World’s End by Lisa K. Ross is another pattern that just leaves me in awe – I so wish I had the time to knit all of these and then some more!

I’m always looking for ankle socks – just because it’s summer and 30 degrees Celcius outside doesn’t mean I want to do without knitted socks! So I’m sure I’ll make a pair of Almost Aran Socks by Ruth Brasch once it’s warmer outside. Right now, 30 degrees Celsius are just something to dream about…

Stephanie Tallent’s Fringe Socks are another favorite of mine – just look at this supercool colorwork!

Jo Torr’s Crossrail socks are another longtime favorite of mine and I was happy to see them come up in the GAL bundles 🙂

Are you still with me? There’s just 3 more socks now!

Beverly S. must be really obsessed with the beautiful houndstooth pattern – her Houndstooth Obsession socks say so! Houndstooth was one of the first colorwork patterns I ever came across, and being a total newbie I just couldn’t wrap my head around how this could be achieved – and how long it would take to make something like this, having to drop and pick up a strang after almost every stitch. Luckily, I learned about stranded knitting, knitting thimbles, English knitting and having one strand each on your right and left hand inbetween – maybe I should make these socks one day and remember the old times 🙂

These are Cameo Socks by Fiona Hamilton-McLaren (what an awesome name :-D), they look so extremely elegant <3

And last but not least:

Swirling Star Socks by Knitwise Design. Despite living in Switzerland, I’m not really fond of swirling snowflakes outside, but swirling stars on my socks – I’d take those anytime!

Wow, that was a lot – and I really contained myself! Go check the bundles for yourself and let me know which are your favorites in the comments if you like!

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