Sweater weather

Yesterday was a nice and sunny day, really warm for the end of November. Today, it’s COLD! And tomorrow we’re supposed to have snow. So today is the day to show you my favorite sweater patterns from this year’s GAL – are you ready?


First, Coronis by Emily Ringelman – it’s the sweater I’ve chosen to make for me this year. Yarn and needles are in front of me, tempting me to cast on already, but I’ll be a good girl and make grandma’s socks first.

Sweater by ChristalLK

I love the look of sweaters knit sideways   – it’s so fun to see patterns like cables worked perpendicular to what we’re used to, isn’t it? This beauty is Isola by Christelle Nihoul.


Geo Lace by Jenise Hope looks so cozy – I wish I could wear it right now.

The next two patterns are by Melissa Kemmerer, if you and your kid both want to be dressed in style 🙂

Are ewe knitting me on the left and Kid Ewe Knot on the right. There are a few things that always get me, and funny wordplays are definitely one of them 🙂

Columbine Tunic

Next up is Columbine Tunic by Beyenburgerin Design – I’d have to make it about a million miles shorter because I’m incredibly small and several inches smaller around, but that would only mean it would be done in no time, I guess… 😀


The Polar Star Sweater Poncho by Natalia Kononova makes me wish I could crochet better. And that I’d weight 20 kg less. And and and… Isn’t this pattern unbelievably awesome?


Another awesome pattern that immediately caught my eye is Tesselation by Kiri FitzGerald. If you know anything about my knitting, you probably know that I love lace, so how could I resist? And in worsted weight it wouldn’t take anywhere as long as my beloved lace shawls… This series of blog posts is getting dangerous, I’m beginning to think I can totally knit all the things and be finished tomorrow!


This sweater aptly named That Touch of Pink by Helen Gipson is a longtime favorite of mine… One of these days I’ll make my own!


And another one for the category “If I were 20 years younger / slim / in any way fit to pull this off” – Hoodie Shawl Cardigan by Susanne Sommer. Please, please – if you are young and slim or more brave than I am – make this! Wear it! Be proud!


Spring in her Path by Mary Annarella was on my shortlist for this year’s GAL sweater for the longest time – until I realized that it’s worked in fingering when I want to use DK. Also, my yarn is dark blue a nd wouldn’t do this beautiful, intricate lace pattern justice – but it’s definitely something for next year!


I usually prefer pullovers over cardigans, but for this beauty I’d change my mind (or just make it a pullover) – Rian Cardigan by Loraine Birchall.


Ocean Wave Top by Ashwini Jambhekar has in my favorites for ages, in my library for ages and I have yarn upstairs reserved for it… What I don’t have is an idea why it’s not in my closet yet. Another one to definitely finally make next year!

I hope you’re still with me, the next one – last but not least – is another sweater that is incredibly  gorgeous!

Flower Cardigan.jpg

Flower Cardigan by Ewelina Murach. Just look at that flower in the back, the lace lines radiating from it, the beautiful color… It’s a good thing I’ve reached the end of my blogpost, because I just don’t have words for this beauty! <3

What are your favorite sweater patterns in the giant GAL bundles of awesomeness? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear! <3

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