Can you believe this – I’ve self-published my 50th pattern today! Unbelievable! This definitely needs to be celebrated, so until the end of the year, buy my anniversary pattern Fibonacci’s Great Grandmother and get one of my other patterns for free with the coupon code Fibonacci!


The first idea for this design came into my head in 2014 while I was working on Betty’s Faroese Shawl – named after my great grandmother 🙂 While browsing stitch dictionaries and looking for a border for the shawl, I came a cross the gorgeous Great Grandmother Edging. It wasn’t the right border for Betty, but I have been wanting to use it ever since. The shawl took its sweet time, but it finally let me know how exactly it wanted to look, and I think it decided well 🙂

Fibonacci’s Great Grandmother is a crescent shaped shawl in two colors that are arranged in stripes following the Fibonacci sequence.

The garter stitch body lets the beautiful border, Great Grandmother Edging from one of Barbara Walker’s treasuries, shine. It’s perfect for snuggling into and feeling hugged by your (great) grandmother whenever you need to feel their love.

I’ll be back soon with a post about my favorite cowls in this year’s GAL, I’ve chosen all the patterns already but have been feeling a bit under the weather with a strange mixture of cold and migraine…



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