Happy new year!

Happy new year, everyone! May you always have the right yarn and enough of it!

I have big plans for 2018, the first is a serious Finish or Frog! Rules: Every day I use a random number generator to choose one of my countless WIPs. It will either be frogged or I will work on it at least that day.

Today, my random number was 24 and the corresponding WIP is my Meadow Blanket, the Drops CAL from 2016.

Pattern: The Meadow

Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Loves You 7

Started: March 29, 2016

This photo is from this morning. It took some time to find out where I was in the pattern, but I managed and worked on it today. I just wish crochet wasn’t so crazy – skip stitches here, then work several stitches into one… My headache and crazy crochet patterns don’t get along nicely, but I’ve managed 1.5 superlong rounds and the day is not over yet…

Another challenge with this project is that it makes me so sad… it’s what I was working on when our Lena died and just getting it out of its bag almost made me cry. Isn’t it strange how feelings are tightly woven into projects?

But I’ll get there, just for today and then it can go back into the WIP pool until I draw its number again, or maybe I’ll try another round tomorrow. And now I’ll tackle that nasty corner that my brain doesn’t want to process!

P.S.: Do you want to finish or frog (or WIP or rip) as well? Arabianknits is hosting an event in her Ravelry group!

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