There’s something I learned about temperatures, temperature blankets and starting them in January. Temperatures don’t change much in January where I live. Neither from day to day nor from high to low on a given day. So at the moment, my temperature patches are mostly turquoise.

Turquoise for high, low, today, tomorrow. On lucky days, I can add a little cornflower blue or opal green. But I will persist, it takes me just 20 minutes a day to make a square and the more I persist, the sooner different colors will come.

So here’s an almost current photo of the turquoise thing – one day old, to be exact.

See what I mean?

But there’s also good news. The random number generator chose this tiny beginning of a sock as my WIP of the day.

Since starting this I’ve discovered that I like the idea of relief knitting, and I love what the designer does with the money she makes (check out the knitting here or the designer here if you’re interested), but I don’t like actually doing the relief knitting. So I frogged the sock and will start over knitting without the reliefs.

That brings my WIP count down to 33, so almost nothing – right? And I’ll have time to work on my January Aran Sweater today, the poor thing isn’t much more than a cast on. It’s January 10th and I’m slowly beginning to see the delusion of my plans for the year. Didn’t think it would take me that long!

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