My new love – Heel socks


Heel socks, yarn: Wollbutt Erfurt, color 80930

Sorry, toe up and top down socks – I have found a new love: Heel socks! I learned that technique from Veronika Hug’s book “Die Fersensocke”.

As the name suggests, they’re started at the heel with 8 tiny stitches. But with eight incrases every other round (and later four increases every other round) they grow fast. When all the increases are done, half of the stitches are put on hold while the other half is worked for the foot. After the toe, you get back to the stitches waiting for you and knit a leg and voila – a new sock.
And if you don’t like to purl – there’s not a purl stitch in sight, except for the ribbing in the end. Just knitting around and around and around.

The fit is really great for me, I hardly ever take my heel socks off. Unfortunately, the yarn does not really hold up to that much use. But I definitely foresee more heel socks in my future!


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