I finally gave in

A few days ago I was browsing my huge collection of stitch dictionaries to find just “the” stitch pattern for the left wing of my next shawl. And then – there it was. Hiding in a book on Estonian stitches, I found a beautiful flower pattern.

But you may have noticed the word Estonian. And maybe you also thought of nupps. And about their p7tog on the WS row. But, as we all know,


So, what’s a girl to do? Well, I finally gave in and ordered myself a pair of signature needles. Can’t wait to finally see them and try them out.

But, until they finally arrive, I also found a better way to p7tog!

Slip 4 sts pwise wyif, p3tog (sounds much nicer, doesn’t it?, pass the slipped stitches over. Voilà, 6 sts decreased and no need to pull my hair out!

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