One, two, three, four, five

I have never met my father’s mother – she died three years before I was born. But a while ago I suddenly had the urge to design something for her. As my father never talked much about her, I only know that she was a good swimmer. So to honor her, I chose yarn in the color of the sea and made Else’s Estonian Lace Socks – I hope she would have liked them 🙂 The sample knitter shows a different color, but the socks still look awesome, I think – thanks also to Edsger Studio for taking all the stunning photos!

My second new pattern I have for you today are the Nightowl Socks, inspired by a beautiful old German stitch pattern that I just had to use. These come in 8 different sizes so you can make them for the whole family!

Both patterns are available for free in German and English in the December issue of Knotions Magazine that went live today!
Else’s Estonian Lace Socks – English:
Else’s Estonian Lace Socks – German:
Nightowl Socks – English:
Nightowl Socks – German:
I’m very happy to be once again “issue sisters” with so many awesome peope! My favorite socks are
Mary E Rose’s Schlumbergera Socks

and Valkyrie’s Boot Sock (in four lengths!) by Artesanitarium Designs.

(Again: Copyright of both photos is Edsger Studio for Knotions Magazine)

After all these socks – maybe you fancy a shawl? I’m looking for testers for Morwen Shawl!

The shawl uses 150 – 200 g of laceweight yarn. There’s a non-ruffling variation of the border available, you can bind off using i-cord or regular bind off and adjust the size to your liking. Any other info and signup can be found in my Ravelry group 🙂

That’s all for today – see you soon with another Christmas  Surprise!

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