Day 1

I’m pretty sure I’ve written this before about sewing (which I still can’t do), but the same seems to be true for spinning (and maybe even other things, who knows). If you don’t do it, you’re not going to learn it. And neither am I.

So I’ve decided to challenge myself and spin every day for the next 100 days. We have come back from our vacation in Sweden two days ago and just like last year, I’ve brought a ton of souvenir yarn.

So, the thought of producing more yarn stresses me a little right now. But if I keep coming up with excuses, it’s never going to happen.

My overall goals for this are:

1. Spin every day for 100 days

2. Try techniques that are not the short forward draw

3. Try different fibers and not always combed top fiber

4. Actually use what I spin

So, today I’ve spun most of this:

It’s Falkland wool from Wolff & Schafe and has been on my wheel since forever. It’s all spun now and hopefully I’ll find the other spindle(s) so I can ply it tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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