Anaitis, Goddess of the Seas

I’m very excited to present my newest pattern release, Anaitis Socks!

Anaitis is the Greek name of the Goddess of the Seas. An unusual and beautiful scalloped cuff pattern stands for her mermaid tails, the twisted lattice on the back for her scales and the two
stitches crossed over one stitch on the front are the mermaid tail traded for two legs in the fairytales.

Together they result in a beautiful pair of socks, worked from the cuff down with a heartshapedheel turn and star toes. The pattern on the back is continued over the heel flap.

Get out your needles and cast on! To celebrate the new release, use the coupon code AnaitisRelease

The pattern will be free for the first 10 lucky users, 75 % off for another 10, 50 % off for the next 10 and then 25 % off for everyone until September 4th, end of day!


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