Time’s racing

Time’s racing – literally and metaphorically. Literally because no way can it be August already, almost September. Our trip to Sweden is almost there and knowing me, I’ll come back with all the yarn I can carry and impressions of the sea on my mind 🙂 The other day, while buying a sandwich before catching my train, I said “thank you” in Swedish to the poor confused vendor. (I was just coming from my Swedish course, so that may have been part of it).

Time’s also racing metaphorically – I’ve just published Time’s racing on ahead socks to Ravelry! Use the coupon code TimesRacing – it makes the pattern free for 5, 75 % off for 7, 50 % off for 10 and then 25 % off for everyone until August 25th, end of day!

The design is dedicated to my all time favorite band since forever – they have a song called “A fine blue line” that I kept hearing in my head while working on these socks. A recurring line in the chorus is “Time marches / rushes / races on ahead”.
The socks come in three sizes with just a tiny little bit of stranded knitting, so if you’ve been wanting to give that technique a try, I hope to encourage you with this design!

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